Remodeling update (Pictures Below):  What is involved with remodeling over the water is described below.  We have to work with many different agencies, the state, our local township and our own researching groups as this project has never been done before!  We are very excited to be moving forward with the project as planned, since most of the work that is being done cannot be seen while driving by, we wanted to ensure you we are working hard to reopen The Dutchman’s and The Quelle as planned.

Design:  The foundation plan for The Quelle continues to begin along with specialized testing groups, the criteria for the test piles has been established based on completed reports by our specialist testing for the soil bearing conditions in the bay and on dry land, we are required to do this under NJ State jurisdiction.

Remodeling on the water also requires us to achieve necessary lateral stability testing to be done while complying with NJ state-based code requirements, our new design has been carefully calculated, our original plan proved not to be feasible to hold the pilings in place below the mud elevation of the bay.   NJ state code stated that we would need longer pilings, yet we were unable to acquire them.  As a solution we will be using a cross bracing method which should start September 2019.

Overall Construction: The first step is to replace the bulkheads, requiring additional permits for foundation piles and bulkhead.  Moving the building back onto the new foundation platform will begin once the concrete and piles stability is published.  This move also involves complete removal of the existing first floor framing of the main building.  Once this is done and the heavy machinery and cranes can be removed from the site we will begin working on paving and landscaping, at this time we will be working on the interior of the establishment.

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